‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Just as you trusted Christ to save you, trust Him, too. for each day’s problems. Live in vital union with Him.  Let your roots go down deep into Him and draw up nourishment from Him….Let your life overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all He has done. Colossians 2:6-7 Living Bible

I can choose to think about the “what ifs” of life, the should haves and could haves, but this will just weigh me down with anxiety.  I can keep thinking about the things that didn’t happen the way I planned, but  that fills me with bitterness and regret. Why do I not spend more energy acknowledging all the good things that God has done for me?  

When I was young, at Sunday night church service, (remember those?) the pastor would often asked if anyone had a testimony to share with the congregation. I still picture those saints, now with the Lord, and I remember some of those stories. It’s good for us to tell of the ways God has blessed us. It builds our faith and the faith of others.

Here is a testimony I hope will brighten your day.  When my children were very young, there came a sudden thunderstorm one summer evening shortly before their bedtime. The electricity went off and they were upset. As the sky grew dark, I admit I became a little uneasy myself, as my husband worked evenings.

I walked over to the bedroom window and pulled back the drapes after the storm had passed, and it seemed the whole yard was lit up. There were hundreds of lightning bugs (fireflies) dancing across the lawn. I had to smile at God’s  sense of humor. He reminded me that He cares about everything that concerns us, even the little things.



  1. lilyvalley said

    What a beautiful post Karen and a reminder to all of us that God does care about even the little things. Mildred

  2. lucy said

    Such a touching poem and life experience. Tears are in my eyes as I reflect on your joy and sadness.
    It is amazing in the ways of the Lord to provide us with peace and sometimes answers.

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