Little Sister

Some of you bloggers know my little sister, Mildred, from Nalley Valley.  I want to tell you some of my memories! Mildred was a tiny little girl, but ACTIVE.  She could climb like a monkey.  If my recollection serves me well, I believe she climbed out of her crib before she was a month old!  She climbed all over the kitchen counters and appliances. Even my candy “hidden” on top of the fridge was not safe from her paws!  We were not surprised to find her tiny fingerprints in a freshly frosted birthday cake. (No, it was not HER birthday.)  She rode her tricycle 30 miles an hour up and down the sidewalk all summer and was as tan as a gingerbread cookie, those long beautiful curls wet with perspiration.

She likes to tell you stories about me that are not very flattering. Like the time she wrecked her bike into a huge bush at the corner of Grandmother’s driveway, and then I crashed my bike into her. DO NOT BELIEVE SUCH STORIES!

I just hope Mildred appreciates having a big sister like me. I don’t know where she would be in life today, if she had not had me to get her through high school Algebra.



  1. Mildred said

    Is your help with math why I have difficulty even halving a recipe????? ha

  2. Miss Linda said

    Hmmm, climbing like a monkey. You know she recently did a post about her long arms. This was such a very cute post. How very funny. Let the Blog Wars begin!

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