Conversation at Dawn

Conversation at Dawn

by Karen Rice

The sunrise is singing Your praises
On a brilliant cloudless morn.
Each dewdrop sparkling on branch and leaf
A glittering diamond You have formed.

Sunrise and sunset, each one unique,
Rushing rapids and moutain peaks,
Someday these scenes we'll no longer see,
But where you are, there we will be.

Lord, You will keep us
When this tent is discarded
Like a tattered old coat
Or an outgrown garment.

All prophecy will be fulfilled in You.
Knowlege will pale in the presence of Truth.
You will say, when you see my face,
"Child, you're home!"
And how we'll embrace.

"Nothing's more important than you.
Each prayer I heard; every care I knew.
The trillions of stars I scattered above
Were just a glimpse of My infinite love.

The letter I wrote you
You cherished each line.
We had sweet communion
In those early morning times."

But today, Lord,
I'm still fighting battles down here,
Being tested and tried,
Learning courage, not fear.

You said,"Choose death or choose life."
Life is daily a choice,
But You're living in me
And I'm hearing your voice.

"I love you." He whispers.
"Always have, always will.
We're going over, not under,
So, storm, peace be still."

Sunrise or sunset
Winter or spring,
You're my reason for living,
My life, my Dayspring.


  1. Mildred said

    Very pretty poem – I like the line about the trillions of stars being just a “glimpse” of His infinite love. It reminds us that with God, all things are possible!

  2. lilyvalley said

    I wrote this poem early one morning not knowing that I would get a call before noon that Grandpa Luther had died. I believe God prepares us ahead of time for things we will have to go through. He is a good Father!

  3. lucy said

    What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it.
    Also, your previous posts…I can visualize your Mom and you singing and the joy which you shared over the dishes. AND I am enjoying your sisterly banter with Mildred. 🙂

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