My Psalm

God asked me to write a psalm to Him this morning.

You set up a tabernacle, a tent, in the wilderness,
a meeting place for you and your children.
But some did not want to draw near to Your glory.
They wanted to go to people
and let other people talk to you face to face
and then tell them what You said.
Am I afraid of YOU, Father?
Afraid to face You in all Your glory?
Is that why I don’t like to be alone?
What if it were just me and You alone?
Would I be filled with fear?
Or with awe and joy in Your presence?

Do I seek the praise of man more than a close
relationship with my DADDY GOD?
Little children fight over who gets to sit beside daddy.
They want Dad’s undivided attention.
“Look at ME! I want to tell about my day
and sit beside you at the supper table.
Give ME a piggyback ride, Daddy!
Walk with me in the evening, just me and you.”

My Mother and Daddy are gone to Heaven.
How happy they are in Your presence.
and You are the best Daddy in the whole world.
I can come straight to You with every problem.

In the tabernacle in the wilderness, was the
ark of Your covenant, also called the ark of testimony.
It contains manna (provision), the ten commandments
(You wrote with YOUR OWN HAND)
And Aaron’s rod that budded, blossomed and bore almonds.

These represent testimonies of your promises, presence,
power, authority, and holiness.

Lord, let me not forget Your testimonies,
Your new covenant through Your Son Jesus,
and my own testimonies of all you have done for me.
Let me never give satan “top billing”.
Instead, let me be ready to tell why I have a
hope and a future.


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