A New Chevrolet

My Dad was a really good mechanic and, not only was he good at repairing cars, he kept them spotless! I can see him with his whisk broom sweeping out every piece of lint. During the Spring, he would take out his white handkerchief and dust the yellow pollen off the hood. It was a rare occasion that we were allowed to eat or drink in Daddy’s car, but one evening, Mother and Daddy decided to take us to the world’s largest drive-in, The Varsity (located near Georgia Tech in Atlanta). Daddy had recently bought a brand new Chevrolet Impala and it was as shiny as a new dime.

The car hop took our order and returned with a tray full of chili dogs, onion rings and bottles of Coca-Cola. As he stepped up to our car, he tripped and the tray and all its contents bounced across the hood. Daddy jumped out of the car so fast, I thought, “This guy’s in BIG trouble!” Daddy helped the young man clean up the mess and then paid him double the cost of the food so that his boss would never have to know about the accident.

Daddy always gathered the family together before bedtime for a Bible story and prayer, but he also “walked the walk” and the memory of his kindness will always stay with me.



  1. Lanny said

    Isn’t it absolutely positvely wonderful when our menfolk do the completely unexpected and instead do something like your father did?

  2. Mary said

    I love that story. You had a wonderful example in your father. I know! You already knew that. Blessings on your day.

  3. lucy said

    What a wonderful, loving father you had. It is sad, that so many children today are missing wonderful Daddy memories.

    • lilyvalley said

      Thanks for your kind comments, Lucy. God bless you.

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