Mercy and Grace

When my grandchildren were younger, Damian was eight and Skyler was four, I went to Virginia to be with their Dad on his thirtieth birthday. I stayed with the kids while their parents were at work. It was a beautiful September day and they wanted to ride their bikes to the park. When we arrived at the playground early that morning, the equipment was still wet from an overnight shower. Water puddled on the slide. “Sorry, Skyler,” I explained, “You won’t be able to go down the slide.” Before I could finish my sentence, up the ladder went Damian, and down he came right into the puddle. I was just about to fuss at him when he took her hand and sweetly said, “There you go, Skyler; my jeans soaked up all the water. Now you can slide!”

That is grace!

I also have a big brother. He once bought a beautiful new Cutlass convertible. He let me drive it to Atlanta one rainy day. There was construction beside the expressway and mud and water and oil created a slick spot. When I had to hit my brakes, because another car swerved into my lane, the car spun around and I found myself going the wrong way in early morning downtown traffic. Needless to say, his car was totalled, another car was damaged, and my brother’s insurance was cancelled. When I faced him later that evening, his face showed nothing but concern for me and all he said was, “I am so glad you are okay!’ He never mentioned the car to me again.

That is mercy!



  1. Mildred said

    Big brother is all right even if he did go round and round cul de sacs to make us sick, huh???

  2. lilyvalley said

    He doesn’t still go around and around cul de sacs….or does he?
    I heard he had signed up for the Blue Angels!

  3. lucy said

    What wonderful men you have around you – a beautiful grandson and gracious brother.
    Generosity seems to run through the family veins. 🙂

  4. Thank you for your visit…I like your Grace story…reminds me of when recently I had my Grandson and he was filling up the sand bucket and it was full. I was on the phone to his Mum and I wanted to get a bigger bucket. She said what for…its okay…and then he emptied the bucket…without a fuss!!!

  5. Lanny said

    Those are two very good stories. It is amazing how generous a heart can be.

  6. Lana said

    What lovely illustrations you post of God’s love for us, His children. I’ve been reading your past posts and they are very nourishing.

    Blessings, Lana

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