Prayer Meeting

My next door neighbors hosted a home prayer meeting once a week. It was usually adults only, but one week I didn’t have a sitter for two-year old Caleb and I decided to take a chance that he would be “good” and I took him with me. Little did I know that God had arranged a divine appointment for Caleb with a couple who were visiting from Africa. They were house guests of one of our couples and had come along that evening. Well, Caleb was an “angel”, smiling, and blowing kisses, raising his hands during worship, and laughing his charming chuckle. (Caleb had Down syndrome.) As the meeting came to a close, the young couple from Africa came over to me and kissed Caleb and kissed and hugged me with tears in their eyes. I did not know until later that they were scheduled for an abortion because they had been told their baby would have Down syndrome. They cancelled the appointment the next morning!



  1. Lanny said

    It is incredible how things are worked through isn’t it. How many times we struggle against circumstances because they are not “turning out right” only to find out we ought not to have struggled but just go with the flow, which turns out to be the Holy Spirit all along.

  2. I feel that was meant to happen… I have come across people with Down Syndrome through my Daughter having a disability…they all have so much love to give, and these people have felt it I’m sure!!!

  3. Dallas said

    I know that sometimes when circumstances *seem* to be all wrong, the Lord Himself is working to make things turn out just right and that’s what happened here!

    What a privilege to be used in this way during the prayer meeting and thanks so much for sharing it!

    Thanks as well for the sweet comments you left on my blog yesterday!


  4. ldh said

    Wow, what an incredible story!

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