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Postcard from Heaven

Hi Mom!

Having a great time. Wish you were here. I had a safe trip. When I got here, everybody knew my name. Just the moment you were saying, “He’s gone,” a shout went up in Heaven: “Caleb’s here!” No pain, no crying, no more sickness. I never felt better in my life! I’m completely satisfied.

Mom, I wish you could hear the singing and all the musical instruments. I can play them all! And the dancing! People are here from every tribe and nation, and all of us “special ones” are right up front.

The weather here is beautiful, and it’s light here all the time, but there is no light from the sun. Jesus Himself is the light of the city. No matter what you have heard, there are no words to describe His beauty.

Do you remember those long nights when I could not sleep? I liked for you to turn on the peppy praise music and dance with me in your arms. Do you remember my favorite Gary Oliver song? “I’m gonna know how He brought me over. I’m gonna know how He brought me through. I’m gonna sing and shout forever. How about you?” I can hear you singing, Mom. Sing your heart out to the Lord. He is worthy. And never stop dancing!

Mom! God has so much in store for you. Your place is set at the table here. I’ll see you again soon.

Love forever,

Caleb’s Story

When our fourth child was born, we had not chosen a name. But when I looked at him, God seemed to whisper, “Caleb”. The first thing I said was, “He doesn’t look like our other babies.” He was so still and quiet, with his arms and legs outstretched, his hands and feet dark blue.

“He is floppy,” was the nurse’s comment. Hours later, the pediatrician told us, “Caleb has Down syndrome and very serious heart defects.” To everyone’s amazement, that little heart “murmured” for forty months.

Caleb’s life was such an inspiration to so many people. He had a contagious chuckle that no one could resist. He loved to be in church and to clap and “sing” and bounce on his bottom during the worship music. When the choir would sing, “Thanks, Thanks, I give You thanks for all You’ve Done”, Caleb would echo, “Thanks!”

At age three years, the doctors realized that his lungs and heart were too weak to attempt surgery. A wonderful Hospice team was there for us through the last days.

Just before he went into a coma, I felt the Holy Spirit urging me to dedicate Caleb to God. As I knelt beside him to pray, I began to smell the most wonderful perfume. And I envisioned Caleb in the arms of Jesus. They were dancing.

Caleb was an awesome blessing to our family. My other children, now adults, are richer in the things that really matter because of loving him. Oh, Lord, I give You thanks.

Cradled in His Hands: in memory of Caleb
Written by his brother, Cameron Hill

You came into this world
Knowing that you would bear affliction
Leaving behind all peace and perfection
But caught up in the glory of your Father’s plan

You came broken and dependent
Not knowing how you would be received
Yet loving us unconditionally
And though one day you would die,
Death could not quench your life

Until the day we meet again
In heavens courts where we will stand
Surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses
Thank you for the life that you gave
Greater love has no one than this
Than to lay down ones life for his friends
And what love you must have had
I know Jesus had you cradled in His hands

The strength of your little heart
Though it was weak was strong to sing
Beating to the rhythm of heaven’s melodies
And every day you were singing a new song

And now I can imagine the voice you must have
Praising your Savior, worshiping the Lamb
I can hear you singing the greatest song
But soon one day we will be singing along


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